Welcome to Gomertronic!

This is a web server run by Jeff Ratliff. It's a quad core Opteron machine that does lots of fun things for me, including running this web site.

There's not much to see on this page. If you're looking for my social networking site, it's also here but the URL is http://dent.gomertronic.com. It's an invite only StatusNet instance. Let me know if you'd like an account. The invite-only part is just to keep away spammers. I've been running the site since November 2011 and it's great being in charge of my own social networking.

I've chosen StatusNet because it's free software (meaning it gives me the 4 freedoms) and I can run it on my own system. That way I'm not dependant on anyone else's servers and no one owns my social networking experience but me. If you want in, I'd be glad to help you.

This domain used to point at my personal site which is on a shared hosting account. If I get the time and motivation I may move it here but I haven't quite decided.

If you want to contact me, send mail to anybody at @jeffratliff.org, and I'll get it. My blog is also at jeff-ratliff.com but I don't write there as often as I should.